Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sketch Dump

A few random sketches from recently. 

Photo Studies:
Russian Dude with giant furry hat,

The parrot skeleton is from figure class from this past spring semester, so it's a bit old but I don't think I've posted it anywhere.

And the old school looking guy is a celebrity. I should probably know who it is, but I don't, I just saved a bunch of black and white pictures of old celebrities and thought he looked cool. 

Bast from The Kane Chronicles 

Rhaegar Targaryen 

The original sketch for the portrait of Daenerys I posted a while ago.

Daario Naharis, his description is so unappealing that this was a sort of attempt to stick to his description while at the same time making him somewhat attractive.


The three protagonists from a story that I've been working on for like forever.. Kohl, Lea, and Arcell.

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